About Us

We are a family owned organic hemp farm located in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Our mission is to bring the highest quality hemp products from our farm to you. We pride ourselves on making our products by hand in small batches so as to ensure the most effective line of CBD on the market today. 


Our farm prides itself on using organic farming practices. From utilizing a “living” organic soil to using only OMRI listed organic inputs we ensure that nothing is left to chance. We rigorously test each harvest with a third party lab which confirms that we bring only the most natural products to the market.


Our products are made from 100% full spectrum hemp extract. Many brands isolate the CBD compound then add it to oil or topicals. We capture and extract all of the many compounds the plant contains which creates an “entourage” effect leading to a more effective product.


We create our products by hand in small batches here in N.C. We take pride in knowing we were involved in the entire process, from the seed to the shelf. This control ensures that our products are pure and effective.